09 October 2014

Down with Flu and Slight Fever These Few Days

It started last Saturday morning, after I woke up I didn't feel well, remember it was raining that morning so I waited for the rain to stop and went to have my weekly run as I thought I will feel better but mainly because I don't want to skip my run, it's now like a religious thing, have to do every Saturday.

After that Saturday, the feeling of sickness comes and goes, I took medicine and now I'm feeling better but that taste in my mouth, not the medicine taste but the taste of sickness still lingers, I feel like I can fall ill anytime, hope I get better before my Thailand trip this month end. Now my wife is also a bit sick.

I think it's the haze, so annoying, the burnt smell in the air is really irritating, also makes my eyes feel itchy, when will it stop?

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