17 October 2014

Finally Managed to Get My Reports to Run

After trying for two days, yesterday I finally managed to get our reports to run in Crystal Server 2013. We are using ODAC to connect to our Oracle 11g database, I tried installing the 32-bit ODAC but it doesn't work, thanks to a discussion on scn.sap.com, I uninstalled everything and started from scratch by installing the 64-bit ODAC then followed by the 32-bit, then I restarted the servers and configured both 32-bit and 64-bit System DSN to point to our Oracle database and it works!

By the way you can run this to open the 64-bit ODBC configuration:


And this for the 32-bit version:


Sigh, unfortunately even if I can open the reports from the server i.e. the CMC, our application still cannot access the reports, we are using Java so maybe we need to use newer SDK?

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