12 October 2014

Just Booked Nok Air for Travel to Udon

Now that my wife is pregnant, I decided to take the plane instead of bus, plane is much more comfortable, bus is too tiring for her, she keeps complaining for feeling tired.

Anyway I booked Nok Air, I find that their website is very user friendly and the yellow makes me feel happy. They also don't require me to key in my passport details unlike some of our budget airlines, booking ticket online should be a hassle-free process, keying all that passport info can be taxing, it's still bearable when you are doing it for one or two passengers, imagine you are booking for 8 or 10 or more people, very prone to wrong data entry.

Now I'm looking forward to traveling with Nok Air, I noticed that I will be given snacks for my ride, not bad, free food for economy tickets. The ticket also come with 15KG checked baggage for free, you can add another 5KG for 175 Baht.


Anonymous said...


Congrats on ur wife's pregnancy again, i also frequently travel with Nok Air, their service is pretty good and when they have promo fares like that are having now, i think the price is very reasonable, abt 2k baht for return tickets, a few hundred baht more than taking the bus but gets u there in less than a quarter of the time. Definitely worth it. Anyway reason that no need enter passport details is cuz its a domestic flight, hence the only thing they need to check is that the name in the booking tallies with the id verification document, in our case our passport and in ur wife's case her thai id card.

Their Nok Kanom is supplied by auntie anne's pretzels. The best part is their free check in though, especially since there is 2 of u, u get 30kg free check in combined, however the few times i traveled alone i was over the weight limit sometimes by more than 5kg however they always waive it for me and tell me "dont do it again next time" haha

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Thanks for the tips. Aww I didn't know it's combined check in luggage, I thought it goes by individual so I bought an extra 5KG to and fro for my wife lol, wasted 2x175 baht!

Anonymous said...

haha! ya one of the good part about nok air is this, I know in Singapore sometimes we take budget airline they very particular about separating the baggage allowance by passenger entitlement.

well, now u know already, and with ur wife now pregnant I guess this will be the first of many times sitting nok air, especially when ur kid is born, more convenient and save time also.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yep, my wife will be staying there soon, for the next 7 or 8 months at least, I will probably be visiting her every 2-3 months, I will definitely be taking plane because if I were to take bus alone, I'm sure I will get lost lol.