02 October 2014

Planning Trip to Thailand

Finally I am this stage, screw that ICT and time to plan for my break from this urban jungle! Ok, this is my tentative planning:
  • 31 Oct - take plane from SIN to BKK 11pm, reach BKK 12:30am.
  • 01 Nov - take bus from BKK to Udon in the morning, should reach my wife's house by night.
  • 02 Nov to 03 Nov - slack at her home, maybe ask her family bring me around to admire the natural beauty.
  • 04 Nov - accompany my wife to her doctor, I'm going to do a body checkup since I'm there.
  • 05 Nov - take bus back to BKK, still haven't decide should take morning or night but doesn't matter much though.
  • 06 Nov to 07 Nov - enjoy BKK food, shopping.
  • 08 Nov - go home.
I just check out the tickets at Airasia, Tiger, Jetstar and Scoot, seems like go is Jetstar cheapest and come back is Airasia, I think I can budget $400 for tickets, then maybe bring about $1500 for spending, should be fine since the exchange rate is so good now.


makz said...

hi bro hope you and your wife doing well =)

seemed like your flight and bus timing will be quite tiring , unless you will be staying near the mo chit bus station?

Do share with us some pics of Udon, my wife said its a nice place =)

Anyway just to share for money exchange , you can check out the rates @ http://www.superrich1965.com/. I always change my thai baht there instead of in singapore.

Cheers bro

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Best wishes to you too.

We will likely be staying at Khao San, we always go there when we go BKK. I think we will be fine, actually bus not bad, only the boarding part at mo chit is very messy, the ride still bearable haha.

Yep sure, will take lots of pictures ;)

I just check out the rates, looks really good, maybe will drop by their silom branch as it's near to Khao San.