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Eng Kee Chicken Wings for Dinner!

I went to buy just now and there was quite a crowd, so many people waiting for the hot chicken wings, very popular, you know why, because it's very juicy and the seasoning is just nice, when you eat it hot it's really good. One piece is only $1.20, I bought 10! Haha. Yummy!

Bar and Melody

Amazing song.

Wife Medishield Application Under Review

Just now received a letter saying under review, wah they better approve if not without shield plan really jia lat, I will surely go find my MP to appeal, if even Medishield also cannot apply then how, private insurance sure won't accept, then worse case scenario is wait for next year CPF Life, I don't mind paying more for my wife's premium, I just want her to be covered, just imagine a big hospital bill can easily wipe out my savings, then how to keep the family going, hospital bill here really scary.

Bought Ogawa Felix Touch Handheld Massager for Wife

She keeps complaining of feeling tired, arms ache, back ache, leg ache everywhere ache, and ask me to massage I also tired haha, so today after seeing the gynae at NUH, we headed to Clementi Mall and checked out both Osim and Ogawa, by the way gynae say baby doing fine. First we went to Osim, their handheld massagers are very limited, wife don't like their design, so we went to Ogawa, saw the Felix Touch and wife like it, the salesman told me now got promotion, buy 1 free 1, so I asked him how much, he said one piece is $99, buy 2 is $138, inside I'm thinking how is that buy 1 free 1 lol, anyway 2 for $138 also sounds good right, so we ended up buying 2 pieces. Then later when I saw the invoice, I noticed per piece pricing is actually only $69, so 2 for $138 la, this kind of tactic also can, but I also don't want to make things difficult for him, I take it as never see the invoice. Anyway the massager quality seems good, buy 2 pieces can give my wife's mom one. And th

Booked My Basic Theory Test

Since I'm staying at Commonwealth, the nearest driving centre is Bukit Batok Driving Centre or more commonly known as BBDC. It's north of Bukit Gombak MRT station, just follow the MRT track up north, you will see HomeTeamNS, BBDC is just right after. Or you can also take the free shuttle bus at Bukit Gombak MRT station exit D, according to BBDC staff, they say it's open to public. So when I reached there, I went to the information counter to get a queue number to buy the 9th edition official basic theory handbook, they also gave me another queue number to submit a registration form. The handbook cost $3.40, can pay by cash or NETS. Then my second number was called, I submitted my registration form, the guy kept telling me that learning at their school is faster and cheaper, minimum $2000 can pass, I told him I prefer to take private and his face changed immediately haha. After that, I went to register myself in their Room 2, I'm very puzzled, since in the end

My Wife Got Her Singpass

Just received her Singpass login details and I tried to login to CPF successfully, I think her CPF account was created because I applied Medishield for her. Just want to remind all fellow Singaporeans with foreign spouse, once your wife gets PR, be sure to apply Medishield for him/her, if you can afford it, private shield plans from NTUC, Aviva or Prudential are the best, hospitalization is not joking matter and healthcare cost is very high in Singapore, one big illness or operation can burn a big hole or put you in huge debt if you are not shielded. Anyway when applying Singpass for my wife, I noticed that LTVP+ holders can also apply for Singpass, I wonder since when they implement, anyway good move, I also hope they can allow LTVP holder to apply for Singpass. Now I'm waiting for my wife's Medishield to be approved, wonder how it is going, login to CPF and it only says successfully processed, anyway at the end of 2015, CPF Life will come into effect, I think it's goo

Seen Gynae at NUH Today

We went to the high risk clinic and they told us the same thing that the gynae at SGH told us during our first try so nothing new to us, anyway my wife and I have already decided to continue the pregnancy and of course we don't want to terminate, yeah there's always the risk but if we don't give it a shot, how would we know, and not as if a healthy woman don't have any risk, pregnancy always comes with risk, just a matter of high or low and how we manage it. I think the key thing is whether my wife feels okay or not, right now she's feeling fine, just the usual nausea, feeling tired, I think most if not all pregnant women feels like that, it's a hormonal thing so it's mostly beyond control.

Wife May Be Able to Discharge Tomorrow

My wife told me this morning one of the doctor on duty came to see her and told her she may be able to discharge on next Wednesday, then after a while the senior doctor which is the cardiologist who have seen my wife previously, he came and told her she may be able to be discharged tomorrow, very confusing right but of course we believe the senior doctor, the on-duty doctors really small fry and have no idea what's going on, cannot believe them at all, even the nurse know more than them, really jia lat. Anyway the senior said my wife can do the INR reading by herself since she has the test kit, and she is to see him one week later, sounds good, senior doctor really different, can tell you what's happening now and later, those small fry doctors really make my blood boil, totally cannot make it, I wonder how these people survive outside if they are not doctor, in my company with this kind of standard I don't think they can last long, surely kena customer complain, fail SLA,

Wife Hospital Bill Damn Expensive

Today still at hospital, don't know when can discharge, just now went to get the interim bill from the Patient Service Centre, so far accumulated $4.9k+ before subsidy, she is PR and stay ward C have a lot of subsidies, government subsidize about $2.5k+, can deduct from my CPF $2250 (cap at $450 per day, 5x450), cash need to pay about $143, for 4 days normal ward and 1 day ICU ward stay, don't know why they count ICU only 1 day, my wife stayed for 2 days, maybe they got some timing. So yes, you can ask for the interim bill anytime, don't have to wait until discharge then get a shock, ask early so you make decision early. Ward total charges is $1500 before subsidy, the rest are the lab tests, treatment fees, doctor fee, echo, ICU monitoring charges, yes, you stay ICU they will charge for ward and treatment and the monitoring charges, my wife is one day $372 for the monitoring, what the fish man. And pay the doctor ward consultation fee really feel unhappy, one day $40, a

Wife Back to Normal Ward!

Finally they returned her back to normal ward, this time she is at ward 64, I think it's also for patients with heart problems, this ward lousier than the first one she was in, previously she was at ward 48, think that one mainly for pregnant women, both are C wards by the way. This ward 64 damn jia lat, floor dirty, the curtain like dropping off, the flask also dirty, everything looks dirty, I wonder if they do any area cleaning. Ward 48 also C ward, how come so much difference, really Cheap ward lol. Anyway my wife is feeling very well, she can't wait to get out of bed, I think she's fine, now waiting for discharge but not sure when, the doctor doing the rounds have no idea, she said have to check with the main doctor, jia lat, every time see different doctor, you ask them how they also cannot answer, this kind of system really not effective, too bad I am not rich to be able to afford personalized care for my wife, in this world if you have money, you are king. And

Visited Wife at NUH CCU

Today then I realized her ward is called CCU i.e. Coronary Care Unit, it's also an ICU but it's more for heart patients. Looking at my wife, she is very lively today, maybe because she is getting used to the new and strange environment, so many medical equipment and beeping sounds, and today she was supposed to return to the normal ward but unfortunately there is no spare bed so no choice have to stay there. I brought dinner to my wife's ward, it's a single bed ward so plenty of privacy, I bought from the Kopitiam at level 1, I ate ayam penyet and I bought some popiahs for her. I find the Kopitiam standard quite high, food is delicious, staff quite friendly and place is clean, seems like at hospital their standard is different. Anyway I also took a look around the ward, the other patients seems to be hanging on to dear life, then I look at my wife and wonder what is she doing there, she should be back to normal ward or best still, discharged since she is fine now. O

Big Scare Just Now

Today I took leave to stay with my wife mainly to listen to what the cardiologist have to say, we have come to a plan such that my wife will be put on Heparin via pump to bring her INR to normal levels as her INR was 1.0, not good, the normal range should be 2 to 3. Then at about 8pm when I was leaving the hospital for home, my wife called me and said the doctor wants to speak to me, as I went back to the ward, 3 nurses were preparing to move my wife, I asked them what's going on and they told me to speak to the doctor. The cardiologist told me he noticed a blockage at my wife's heart valve and she may need immediate open-heart surgery, then I told him that she looks fine, then he said that if the valve is like that all along then should be ok, but if it's a sudden clot, then she may die suddenly. So they moved her to the ICU, I quickly packed her stuff and brought to her ward in ICU. The cardiologist then asked me more about our first pregnancy, I told him that we cons

Wife Hospitalized!

This morning we went to Queenstown Polyclinic intending to get a referral letter to NUH, the doctor says my wife's case is complicated so end up he referred us to NUH A&E, well her case is indeed complicated because she is pregnant and she is still on Warfarin, the doctor was concerned for the baby as well as for the mother, I think A&E also good, no need to wait for the appointment. Then we took a taxi to NUH, damn fast, I think around 5 mins we reached, taxi fare only $4.70. We reached around 12pm+, went for lunch come back to A&E wait for almost 2 hours before we finally got to see the gynae on duty, she's a super busy woman, running everywhere, she's very approachable though, I think my wife likes her. Anyway we told her what she wanted to know, end up she say we should admit my wife for checkup, my wife was reluctant, actually she's feeling fine, just the usual pregnancy nausea and vomiting, the gynae also did a scan for my wife, baby looks fine. By

Expenses of Thailand Trip

Plane Tickets - $635.49 This is for 2 person, from Singapore to Bangkok and then from Bangkok to Udon Thani, and back. Change Currency - $1700 I changed $200 at People's Park Complex at 25.18, then $1500 in Bangkok at 25.05, in future just change in Singapore, my wife says Golden Mile was 25.23. And also we didn't use it all, my wife still has about 2400+ baht in her wallet. Miscellaneous $132: $30 taxi to Changi Airport $35 taxi back to home $35 eat at Changi Airport $32 buy a 10-pack cigarette Total: $2646.59

Some Photos From Thailand Trip

First of all, share some pictures I took, didn't take much though because keep forgetting to bring camera. Giant Pumpkin! Look at the size of that pumpkin, I have never seen such a huge pumpkin in my life, my mother-in-law turned it into a sweet soup with coconut milk. Wife's Home Porch Previously there's nothing much at the porch, mother-in-law asked someone to add the sitting area but it's not complete. Added Shelter by the Side She also added a shelter, well it's much cooler now with the shelter. Wife's Motorbike I took the chance to play with my wife's bike, now I can confidently ride around, have tried driving my wife back from her grandmom's farm, note that I don't have a riding licence, but in rural areas there's also no police to catch. Duty Free Beer Duty Free Wine and Liquor I bought the beer, wine and liquor at the arrival hall yesterday when we returned from Bangkok, all costed me $179.10, here&