11 November 2014

Big Scare Just Now

Today I took leave to stay with my wife mainly to listen to what the cardiologist have to say, we have come to a plan such that my wife will be put on Heparin via pump to bring her INR to normal levels as her INR was 1.0, not good, the normal range should be 2 to 3.

Then at about 8pm when I was leaving the hospital for home, my wife called me and said the doctor wants to speak to me, as I went back to the ward, 3 nurses were preparing to move my wife, I asked them what's going on and they told me to speak to the doctor. The cardiologist told me he noticed a blockage at my wife's heart valve and she may need immediate open-heart surgery, then I told him that she looks fine, then he said that if the valve is like that all along then should be ok, but if it's a sudden clot, then she may die suddenly. So they moved her to the ICU, I quickly packed her stuff and brought to her ward in ICU.

The cardiologist then asked me more about our first pregnancy, I told him that we consulted at SGH, he knows the cardiologist that saw us at SGH so he called her, then later on I think he found my wife's records from SGH and he compared the echocardiogram with the one my wife took today, can't remember exactly what he said but something like my wife's situation looks worse at SGH, now at NUH seems better, seems like her condition improved I guess. Anyway most important thing is my wife is okay, so end up no need for heart surgery, bloody hell what a scare, my jaw almost dropped to the ground, but must try to stay calm la, my wife was so upset that she cried, I explained to her that the doctor was just trying to be careful, that is my stand too, most important thing is my wife is okay, no harm being kiasu. And most likely tomorrow she can return to the normal ward, ICU damn expensive, not sure how much they charge for PR, heng I choose C ward.

So tomorrow I will go to work, when I finish work I will go visit her, she should be fine, she looks okay, just the normal pregnancy tiredness, nausea and vomiting, nothing unusual, unless she is bleeding then that's something to worry about.


SK said...

Hope everything is fine for both your wife & baby.

Something I'm puzzled is "How could the cardiologist recommended an immediate open-heart surgery when he have yet to understand the patient's medical history?", causing all the unnecessary stress and anxiety.


marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks for your kind words.

Well I don't blame him because as you know, my wife got her PR a few months back and her IC number changed, somehow the doctor was not aware of it even though I have told a few staff earlier on when my wife was admitted, because of this, he was not able to retrieve any records that's why he was puzzled how come he couldn't find anything when I told him my wife consulted at SGH before.

Most important thing is my wife is ok ;)

Anonymous said...

Hope wife and baby will be fine..

marrythaigirlsingapore said...