24 November 2014

Bought Ogawa Felix Touch Handheld Massager for Wife

She keeps complaining of feeling tired, arms ache, back ache, leg ache everywhere ache, and ask me to massage I also tired haha, so today after seeing the gynae at NUH, we headed to Clementi Mall and checked out both Osim and Ogawa, by the way gynae say baby doing fine.

First we went to Osim, their handheld massagers are very limited, wife don't like their design, so we went to Ogawa, saw the Felix Touch and wife like it, the salesman told me now got promotion, buy 1 free 1, so I asked him how much, he said one piece is $99, buy 2 is $138, inside I'm thinking how is that buy 1 free 1 lol, anyway 2 for $138 also sounds good right, so we ended up buying 2 pieces. Then later when I saw the invoice, I noticed per piece pricing is actually only $69, so 2 for $138 la, this kind of tactic also can, but I also don't want to make things difficult for him, I take it as never see the invoice. Anyway the massager quality seems good, buy 2 pieces can give my wife's mom one. And the salesman lucky kena me I chin chai, if kena some troublesome customer then he really jia lat, hope he doesn't pull this kind of trick again, not every day is Sunday.

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