21 November 2014

My Wife Got Her Singpass

Just received her Singpass login details and I tried to login to CPF successfully, I think her CPF account was created because I applied Medishield for her. Just want to remind all fellow Singaporeans with foreign spouse, once your wife gets PR, be sure to apply Medishield for him/her, if you can afford it, private shield plans from NTUC, Aviva or Prudential are the best, hospitalization is not joking matter and healthcare cost is very high in Singapore, one big illness or operation can burn a big hole or put you in huge debt if you are not shielded.

Anyway when applying Singpass for my wife, I noticed that LTVP+ holders can also apply for Singpass, I wonder since when they implement, anyway good move, I also hope they can allow LTVP holder to apply for Singpass.

Now I'm waiting for my wife's Medishield to be approved, wonder how it is going, login to CPF and it only says successfully processed, anyway at the end of 2015, CPF Life will come into effect, I think it's good for people like my wife with existing problems, private insurance companies usually don't want to accept but CPF Life gives her a chance to be properly insured, in Singapore one cannot do without a proper health insurance, or at least Medishield.

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