09 November 2014

Some Photos From Thailand Trip

First of all, share some pictures I took, didn't take much though because keep forgetting to bring camera.

Giant Pumpkin!

Look at the size of that pumpkin, I have never seen such a huge pumpkin in my life, my mother-in-law turned it into a sweet soup with coconut milk.

Wife's Home Porch

Previously there's nothing much at the porch, mother-in-law asked someone to add the sitting area but it's not complete.

Added Shelter by the Side

She also added a shelter, well it's much cooler now with the shelter.

Wife's Motorbike

I took the chance to play with my wife's bike, now I can confidently ride around, have tried driving my wife back from her grandmom's farm, note that I don't have a riding licence, but in rural areas there's also no police to catch.

Duty Free Beer

Duty Free Wine and Liquor

I bought the beer, wine and liquor at the arrival hall yesterday when we returned from Bangkok, all costed me $179.10, here's a breakdown of the price:

  • 3 can Guiness - $9.50
  • 3 can Heineken - $7.30
  • 1 litre bottle Hendricks - $55.80, this one comes with a teacup, without the teacup is $53+
  • 1 litre bottle Chivas - $44.50
  • 750ml Moscato - $31 each for 2 bottles
I'll give my father the beer, not sure if he wants the liquor or wine, anyway just buy since duty free, so much cheaper than supermarket price.

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