12 November 2014

Visited Wife at NUH CCU

Today then I realized her ward is called CCU i.e. Coronary Care Unit, it's also an ICU but it's more for heart patients. Looking at my wife, she is very lively today, maybe because she is getting used to the new and strange environment, so many medical equipment and beeping sounds, and today she was supposed to return to the normal ward but unfortunately there is no spare bed so no choice have to stay there.

I brought dinner to my wife's ward, it's a single bed ward so plenty of privacy, I bought from the Kopitiam at level 1, I ate ayam penyet and I bought some popiahs for her. I find the Kopitiam standard quite high, food is delicious, staff quite friendly and place is clean, seems like at hospital their standard is different.

Anyway I also took a look around the ward, the other patients seems to be hanging on to dear life, then I look at my wife and wonder what is she doing there, she should be back to normal ward or best still, discharged since she is fine now. Oh one of the nurse issued my wife a self-test INR kit, she told my wife one unit costs $1k, I heard from the cardiologist that it's a loan set.

I think maybe she can be discharged on Friday, or maybe tomorrow, doctor haven't said anything yet, sigh.

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