13 November 2014

Wife Back to Normal Ward!

Finally they returned her back to normal ward, this time she is at ward 64, I think it's also for patients with heart problems, this ward lousier than the first one she was in, previously she was at ward 48, think that one mainly for pregnant women, both are C wards by the way.

This ward 64 damn jia lat, floor dirty, the curtain like dropping off, the flask also dirty, everything looks dirty, I wonder if they do any area cleaning. Ward 48 also C ward, how come so much difference, really Cheap ward lol.

Anyway my wife is feeling very well, she can't wait to get out of bed, I think she's fine, now waiting for discharge but not sure when, the doctor doing the rounds have no idea, she said have to check with the main doctor, jia lat, every time see different doctor, you ask them how they also cannot answer, this kind of system really not effective, too bad I am not rich to be able to afford personalized care for my wife, in this world if you have money, you are king.

And just now the family of the patient beside my wife damn noisy, playing guitar in the ward with everybody staring at them, don't know stupid or what, don't they know they should lower their volume in a hospital. When my wife was in ward 48 also same, beside also another idiot family, making noise all the time, ward outside have sign say only 2 visitors allowed inside, they have at least 6 people at the bed, making so much noise, eating, laughing and talking loudly, really stupid idiots, worse thing is the nurses also don't bother to do anything about it.

And nurses at normal ward totally different from those at ICU, those at ICU very friendly, very helpful, very responsive, those at normal ward very bo chup, indeed Cheap ward the standard different.

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