10 November 2014

Wife Hospitalized!

This morning we went to Queenstown Polyclinic intending to get a referral letter to NUH, the doctor says my wife's case is complicated so end up he referred us to NUH A&E, well her case is indeed complicated because she is pregnant and she is still on Warfarin, the doctor was concerned for the baby as well as for the mother, I think A&E also good, no need to wait for the appointment.

Then we took a taxi to NUH, damn fast, I think around 5 mins we reached, taxi fare only $4.70. We reached around 12pm+, went for lunch come back to A&E wait for almost 2 hours before we finally got to see the gynae on duty, she's a super busy woman, running everywhere, she's very approachable though, I think my wife likes her. Anyway we told her what she wanted to know, end up she say we should admit my wife for checkup, my wife was reluctant, actually she's feeling fine, just the usual pregnancy nausea and vomiting, the gynae also did a scan for my wife, baby looks fine.

By the way the A&E is $108, must pay upfront, cannot use medisave, only cash, nets or credit card.

So I choose C ward for my wife, as she is PR, her daily ward charges is $136, can pay by medisave. Actually C ward not so bad, can get a bit noisy though, but the room is well ventilated, one fan directly above the bed, not hot, just nice, toilet just beside, very clean bed and toilet.

Tomorrow morning I'll go back to see her, got to bring her stuff, some food, just now she ate the hospital dinner, she say not good, maybe tomorrow I bring some nice food for her.

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Mohammad said...

Hope she is doing well now