15 November 2014

Wife May Be Able to Discharge Tomorrow

My wife told me this morning one of the doctor on duty came to see her and told her she may be able to discharge on next Wednesday, then after a while the senior doctor which is the cardiologist who have seen my wife previously, he came and told her she may be able to be discharged tomorrow, very confusing right but of course we believe the senior doctor, the on-duty doctors really small fry and have no idea what's going on, cannot believe them at all, even the nurse know more than them, really jia lat.

Anyway the senior said my wife can do the INR reading by herself since she has the test kit, and she is to see him one week later, sounds good, senior doctor really different, can tell you what's happening now and later, those small fry doctors really make my blood boil, totally cannot make it, I wonder how these people survive outside if they are not doctor, in my company with this kind of standard I don't think they can last long, surely kena customer complain, fail SLA, sooner or later make the company pay for liquidated damages, don't they have some sort of KPI to measure their performance, this kind of standard also can, ask them something they cannot give you an answer, like that also can??? Most tulan is still have to pay for the consultation, knn, they just appear in front of you, say hello, that hello $40, really good money.

Uncle staying for 8 months

Just now when I was leaving, one uncle on wheelchair entered the lift with me, he told me was going for a smoke and he will be there for the next 8 months, before I want to ask more, more people entered the lift, too bad I didn't find out more about his story, 8 months, wah, how much will that cost, how is he going to pay. He also told me another uncle have been staying there for 9 years, sure or not, stay for free or what.

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