07 December 2014

Downpour and Thunder Storm

Thunder blasts all the time and the rain plus the big winds becomes even more powerful, me and wife almost all wet, lucky we are near home or else jia lat. Now year end also heavy rain, makes the weather even more cold, my house is on the hill so a bit like Genting Highlands haha, so cooling, if go outside without sweater sure catch a cold, this kind of weather must relax at home then shiok ;)

By the way just now we went to Clementi food centre, we tried the duck rice, wah damn good, the cooking style is like Yu Kee, but overall is less salty, soup also less heavy, it is like a lighter version of Yu Kee, very refreshing. Most important thing is the duck is tender like Yu Kee, shiok. The fruit juice is also damn power, there is one stall right next to a stall selling fried fritters, they have this soursop with dragon fruit juice, that one must try, super power for only $2.

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