20 December 2014

Haven't Had a Good Laksa In a Long Time

And today I finally had one at Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre. We went there because my wife wants to eat braised chicken feet and Henry's Chicken Rice stall sells them, so I ordered a plate of $3 chicken feet, then my wife wanted to try the chicken feet noodle, the noodle stall is just opposite of Henry's and they also sell dumpling noodle, shredded chicken noodles, some other noodle dishes and laksa.

I myself ate the dumpling noodle on the other end, then after we finished our first round, we ordered a chicken feet noodle and a laksa, wah the laksa soup really power, it's got the small shrimp bits inside, very old school, reminds me of the best laksa I had when I was a young boy, it was sold by an elderly couple, they also put shrimp bits in their soup, every time after I finished the noodle, I like to hold the bowl up and drink the soup and eat the shrimp bits, damn good feeling. This laksa only costs $2.50, nowadays not easy to find good and cheap dish, the laksa out there all don't put the shrimp bits and their soup sucks, one bowl $3 or $3.50, expensive and not nice. I also tried my wife's noodles, also damn power, must go back again. My wife say this noodle stall's chicken feet is better than Henry's.

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