13 December 2014

Just Noticed This Advertisement Haha

How to Get Singapore PR with 90% success rate, haha sure or not, how come they can game the system? I thought ICA is trying to stop people from gaming the system and how come there is such a company doing such a business???

90% Success Rate

Speaking of PR, nowadays so many working class foreigners get PR, how come they don't give PR to spouse of citizens instead, really bullshit.

And PR makes a HUGE difference for family planning, because with PR, it's possible to apply for BTO which is way cheaper than buying from the resale market, furthermore, healthcare costs are generally halved from what foreigners pay, yes I understand that there are foreigners who love Singapore and want to settle down here, fine but they should have been working here for a few years before being allowed to get PR, some I know of they get PR within a year, how can that be, and yet some spouse of citizen cannot get PR even after staying here for 7 or 8 years! Doesn't make any sense, especially so when the government is leaned towards family planning and yet their policies doesn't work towards realizing their ideology, very contradicting.

They are afraid that citizen cannot take care of their spouse if they give PR, but without PR everything is more expensive, so how does not giving PR help?

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Unknown said...

talking about BTO ...just missed the one in Dec14 for Tampines ... was so hoping to be able to get one ... my friend managed to get a small que number ...very lucky.

as for me, wrote in to ST to complain why I cannot buy new BTO ... they simply reply from the website saying that my wife no PR ... so I cannot buy new flat in tampines. Some times I really hope that the govt will be a little bit more transparent when it comes to answering questions.