12 December 2014

My Childhood Kind of Sucks

I remember when I was in primary school, whenever my classmates went overseas, they will come back with presents and they will bring it to class and distribute to everyone, same goes for birthdays, they will buy candies and stationery to "share the joy" and every year it will be the same few kids who will do it, less well off kids like me have nothing to share, my parents simply cannot afford to be so generous. They will stand up in class and tell everyone they went to where and bla bla bla and teacher will tell us to clap.

And going to my classmates house sucks now that I look back, they have the latest console games, card games, toys and I have nothing, I don't really invite friends to my house because I have nothing for them to play, I always go to friends house and play their stuff, yeah some of these friends are nice enough to share and not look down on me but I remember there was this one asshole classmate, he got into a car accident, some parents knock him down in school and he had to be bound to the wheelchair, face also disfigured and people call him Robocop.

After his accident and spending quite a long time recuperating, he came back to school, he sat at the front and he was always boasting that while recuperating at home, he was already reading up on next year's textbooks, really fucking show off, never mind, then he always had toys sitting on his table and there was once when I was sent to stand in front of the class as punishment, can't remember what I did but anyway I was looking at one of his toys and this fucker complained to the teacher, what a fucking pussy, regret not going up to him and slap his face hard, anyway that teacher is also retarded, she actually sided with him and told me off, really bullshit.

Another incident is when me and a good friend was playing at our usual spot in school, this fucking robocop came up to us and asked my friend why he was mixing with people like me, my good friend just smiled, now that I look back this fucker is really not so simple, 12 year old kid can talk like that.

From then on I believed that he didn't get knocked down by chance, somebody must be trying to punish him, even when he is handicapped he also can be so fucking obnoxious, can't imagine how fucking worse he was before the accident, he must have really pissed somebody off. I think he is probably dead now, stupid asshole, even if he is not dead I doubt his life will be any interesting.

I was a late bloomer, I didn't "get it" early like most of my friends so I get bullied a lot and didn't know how to speak up for myself, perhaps that was why I lost interest in studies and dropped out at secondary 2. But I wonder how my life would be if I didn't drop out, who knows.

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