03 December 2014

Today See Gynae with Wife

Did ultrasound and baby seems fine, heart beat looks strong, very active baby, look like me, neck long, I think it's a boy, head also big like me. Also took my wife's blood for the down syndrome test, my wife said they took 4 tubes! And from the scan, seems like baby is not at high risk for down syndrome but let's wait for the blood test result. Now what if baby has down syndrome, if my wife wants to continue then so be it, I anything, but down syndrome kids will have a tough life ahead... then again I see that these group of people are well supported, what I'm worried about is what happens if we are no longer there, who is going to take care of him/her.

Today the bill is $339.80, before government subsidy is $444, so having PR is good for this reason, imagine no PR today have to pay $444. And just now when I went upstairs to pay for my wife's hospital bill, saw one uncle and auntie looking quite surprised when they received their bill, heard is $31K, think their relative stayed in ICU for a few days and staying in B1, I think they are foreigners, no subsidy and they were discussing an installment plan with no interest. Singapore hospital bill really scary.

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