13 December 2014

Wife Medishield Approved! (With Exclusion)

Last post.

I received the letter from CPF board a few days back but forgot to blog about it, so busy at work, come home blur blur haha.

Anyway her application has been approved and she is now covered under Medishield but her existing condition will not be covered, following quoted from letter:

"As the current Medishield does not cover medical expenses incurred for medical conditions that are pre-existing before the cover starts, her medical conditions relating to the treatment of heart disease and its complications and replacement of prosthetic heart valve would not be claimable under Medishield and would be imposed from now til the implementation of Medishield Life in end-2015."

Well, better than nothing, but I don't know why they say heart disease, according to my wife, she suffered from valve infection when she was 16, the doctor recommended surgery but she dragged until she was 24 then she went for the aortic valve replacement, which is supposed to fix her heart condition so right now she is feeling fine only thing is she needs to be on Warfarin for life because her replacement valve is a mechanical one.

But hopefully her pregnancy will go on smoothly without affecting her heart, currently she's fine, just the normal pregnancy morning sickness, nausea and such, nothing unusual so far, and she's not working so should be fine.

Oh and we will be seeing the gynae on coming Monday.

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