31 January 2015

Had a Really Good Sleep Yesterday Night

Yesterday my neighbours didn't turn on their plane engines (aircon), so peaceful, I slept all the way to 10am uninterrupted, this morning I felt really fresh. Old HDB flat design not good, sound travels easily because some of the walls are hollow, another problem is the aircon compressor is installed outside the master bedroom, which means if the neighbour on top or left/right to your room is noisy, that's it, you are screwed, but then nowadays we got used to it, most of the time we can still sleep, sometimes when it gets too loud then really jia lat but how, complain also complain already, unless they are willing to change their aircon, I think they should seriously consider changing because if I'm downstairs and it's so loud for me, I bet it's even worse for them, I wonder how they can sleep through that noise.

New flat design is much better, they have aircon ledge located away from the bedrooms, but not all new design is like that, have to look at the floorplan before you buy, I saw some new HDB units at Tampines where they have aircon ledge quite near to one of the bedrooms, best is to have it at the kitchen, far away from any bedrooms.

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