21 January 2015

Money Gone So Fast!

After paying slightly over $1k today for my wife's pregnancy expenses, I'm left with $482.39, wah seh, here the healthcare really not cheap, especially if have complication then even worse.

Still have to pay for my wife's insurance back in Thailand, her mom bought it for her and my wife wants me to pay lol, anyway not big amount, about 10,000 baht which is slightly over $400, lucky one year only need to pay once.

And still have to prepare money to bring her mom over, maybe I will need to sell off some stocks, sell my CDL Hospitality Trust, making profit now, can sell off if need be but I really don't want to sell, it's a good stock, can keep for dividends.


Unknown said...

have you considered TMC ? I spent about $4.5k for the normal delivery there.

as for regular checkups, I went to the TMC clinic at tampines ... I think also spent $120 avg per vist + a $688 package...est under $2k.

now baby is 40 days ... just went for the HEP B jab at polyclinic yesterday ... free for Singaporean babies. Would be going to the poly for the rest of the jabs since its free.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Wow, normal also 4.5k, I am avoiding private because my wife have complication so it will be very costly. Thanks for info, I will go poly for jabs too.

Anonymous said...

Of course you pay lah! Ah GONG and his money is soon parted!