26 January 2015

Passed My Basic Theory Test

Today I took half day leave to take the test at Bukit Batok Driving Centre. I thought I will fail because I only spent 2 hours running through the basic theory handbook without any revision.

They gave me 50 questions, 1 minute for each question so total they gave me 50 minutes to finish. In order to pass, need to get at least 45 questions correct which meant that I could only afford to answer 5 questions incorrectly.

I have no idea how many correct answers I gave but at the end of the 50 questions, I saw a pass on the screen. It was fast, I only took 10 minutes to finish, so easy lol. By the way all are multiple choice questions, they give 3 answers to choose from, most of the questions are common sense kind of stuff like you see a sign with a child of course is stop and let the child pass.

Anyway the test was conducted in a room full of hopeful drivers, have ang moh, have foreign workers, have locals, and no need to use mouse and keyboard, it's touch screen so just touch the answers and touch next.

I also checked with the girl at the information counter whether I can take the driving test 2 or 3 years later she say can because the basic theory last forever. I don't think I will take the lessons anytime soon because now have baby, got to set aside money, maybe after wife deliver then see how.

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