28 January 2015

Phew, Good News Today

We saw the paediatric cardiologist at clinic A, she did a scan which lasts more than an hour and she said she didn't see anything wrong so far but she wants to confirm with a follow-up scan two weeks later because currently wife is 20 weeks pregnant and the baby is small and difficult to get a good scan at the heart, but so far so good, the main valves looks normal, nothing unusual and she just wants to confirm again that the heart is okay on the next visit. The doctor mentioned that the baby is feisty, from the scan I can see baby is very active, always moving around lol.

What a relief, I thought I was going to get bad news today, lucky everything seems fine, my mother-in-law even went to pray for the baby, maybe that worked.

Wife is complaining how come need to go to so many clinic and do so many scans, looking back we initially went to the O&G, then they referred us to the women's clinic, then women's clinic referred us to child clinic which is the clinic A that we went today, but for me I think as long as we know baby is healthy I think it's okay.

And today the scan and consultation costed $260, I thought I was going to pay 400-500 but good thing there is subsidy for PR, original price is $102 for consultation and $330 for the echo, so still okay. And not sure why today count as first consultation, I checked with the counter staff she said referral from women's clinic is still considered first visit, I thought both are under NUH, or maybe the women's clinic is private?? No idea, all these refer here and there so confusing, I just pay money and that's it, ask so much in the end also have to pay. Whatever, most important is baby is fine ;)


mr lee said...

That's indeed good news! So everything prior to this was just a false alarm?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I hope so, go back on 11 feb to confirm, so far the paediatric cardiologist say she doesn't see anything unusual, the heart valves look normal, everything looks normal, I think maybe still developing when we went for scan earlier on.

mr lee said...

Somehow it doesn't really instill much confidence in what the other doctors said before her. Putting you through all this unnecessary stress, is it grounds for litigation? Haha maybe in USA but i doubt so in sgp

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I think the problem is we see different doctors all the time, my colleague say if see private we can stick to one doctor but private is so expensive, a normal oscar scan can cost 500-600 it's ridiculoous.

Anonymous said...

"just pay money" sounds truly GONG!!!