13 January 2015

So Busy at Work!

Been so busy that I have no time to surf net at work, finish one task another begin, got to fix bug, got follow-up with user, got to run to user site, it's not even part of our contract to provide onsite support but no choice, can't just tell them to solve it themselves, but there are people who told the users to solve it themselves! I think work until fed up already, then the users complain to me lol.

IT line really not easy, I think it can get very stressful when everybody is chasing you, I can understand that because I have been through worse, imagine your phone ring non-stop, have to talk on the phone and solve problem, then have to rush to user site, I must say I am impressed with myself for surviving such situations, I think most people would lose their temper or simply switch off.

Then there are cases where users look for me to solve problems that is not in my purview, for example I'm doing software but they look for me to solve their printer problems, I can't help because I don't manage their computer and printer, I don't even have access to it, but to users as long as you are IT, everything look for you, to them they just want their problems solved. I think they should learn to find the right person, calling me is just wasting their time, if they get the right person, their problems can be solved earlier.


Anonymous said...

Hi, hope all is well with you! You are really lucky to have married your wife!

Recently I applied for the Pre-Marriage LTVP Assessment, turned out to be unsuccessful. Reason may be that I don't have tax records / CPF since I am self-employed and just started working for less than a full year.

Do you know if it is possible to ask ICA the reason for rejection? Their rejection email is just a one-liner with no reasons.

I am going to try again once I have paid the taxes.

Thanks and best regards!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


You ask them for rejection reason is just wasting your time, don't bother, I bet they have a template for rejected cases. When my wife's PR was rejected, I also receive the same response, no reason nothing.

Best of luck!