22 January 2015

So Irritated Today

Went back to work and so many things to follow-up, what great colleagues, any problem just wait for me to come back and solve, really wtf. Sometimes I think why not pay me their salary since I got to do everything, sigh.

Or maybe I'm tired of bad news, baby not doing well, next week got to go back for review and I wonder what kind of bad news will they bring me again. I think next week going to spend a big deal of money again, got to do echo for baby, even for adults it cost $300+ for PR, almost $500 for foreigner, for baby I don't know how much but it's not going to be cheap.

See how it goes.


mr lee said...

Just hang in there bro. Things will get better!

Anonymous said...

Maybe life is a test, few bumps and bruises but you'll make it. I Admire what you've accomplished.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hey thanks, it's really good to see some support.