21 January 2015

Went to NUH Kent Ridge Wing Fetal Care Centre

Today went to do the specialized scan again, everything is normal except for the heart, baby is suffering from Atrioventricular Septal Defect aka AVSD, and this time a professor reviewed the results, he say the Amniocentesis Test is too risky for my wife as she is on Warfarin and the needle will need to pass through the placenta which means there is a risk of bleeding, so he offered an alternative which is to do DNA testing. Of course I choose the DNA testing because it's safer for my wife.

I think we better make sure, if have then we'll do the practical (and sensible) thing which is to terminate, it's good for everyone, if don't have then we'll keep pushing on. I hope don't have, my family don't have, her family also don't have, I think very likely our baby won't have, but hard to say, better make sure. See I'm thinking so much, lucky we went for the test, after that no need to think so much.

Looking at cost, the amnio test cost $600+, the DNA test, also known as Harmony costed me $869.35, both for our case is mainly to test for down syndrome. What a shocker, after doing some research seems like people were quoted way more expensive in private hospital/clinic, between $1.3k to $2k! Damn expensive but the accuracy is more than 99% as quoted on their website, well, a clear answer is what we need, just take it as buying a peace of mind so we can focus on other things.


Anonymous said...

Why do you need Down Syndrome test? Are both of you over 35?

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

I'm 32, wife is 29.

Because baby has AVSD and a high percentage of down kids also have AVSD.

mr lee said...

Avsd is also a risk factor for noonan's syndrome, but I'm assuming your dr will also be testing for that. You mentioned mom had heart surgery before? Did she have a congenital heart problem? That could also lead to avsd. Eitherway i wish you the best and hope everything turns out fine

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hi Mr. Lee,

Hopefully the test result come back ok.

Yep, wife had open heart surgery in Thailand to replace her aortic valve. Only during this pregnancy then I realized that she had a congenital heart problem, that's why she needed the valve replacement, turns out she didn't tell me everything, but well, we just have to deal with it. Thanks. Really hope everything will be fine.