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Bought Graphics Card and RAM

Just now went to Sim Lim and bought the GTX 960 and 2x4GB 1600Mhz RAM, $325 and $110 respectively. Nowadays the RAM have 8 chip and 16 chip, 8 is the new one and 16 is what I'm using, the guy told me the 8 chip won't work on my motherboard but I didn't say I want the new one, actually I was looking for the old one or whatever that works on my current motherboard because I have no intention of upgrading so much. Miscommunication, that's why should ask me properly before he jump to conclusion. Anyway the new card works nicely, it's so powerful and yet it's not hot, idle temperature is only 29-30 degrees, much lower than my old and broken HD6870. The power consumption is also lower at 120 Watts, and it only need a 6 pin plug to work, compared to HD6870 it needed 2x6 pin.

Went to Mom House for Steamboat

Yesterday night my parents prayed overnight, they do this every year and today they prepared a lot of food for steamboat, really eat until damn full, almost cannot walk lol. I think my mom's steamboat still the best, even though I didn't like it before, maybe her skills improved, I really enjoyed the meal. Ah, tomorrow going to Sim Lim Square to get my graphics card, was planning to go today but was called up for the steamboat, I think I'm getting GTX 960, after looking at many reviews, it seems pretty value for money. I am also looking at GTX 750 Ti but it's not really that cheap and performance-wise, the 960 greatly outperforms the 750, price-wise it's just about $100 difference depending on which brand, but I'm leaning towards Gigabyte because I bought their motherboard in 2009 and it's still working fine now, definitely not going for Sapphire, my HD6870 didn't even last 3 years if I remember correctly.

Graphics Card Faulty

Yesterday I spent almost 3 hours before I finally know what was causing my computer to freeze, my graphics card, but strangely it can still output video even though it's not working well, I think it's running on basic drivers, see right now I can see stuff but it's not as good as before, previously I was running full HD so everything was very clear, now it all looks quite pixelated. Anyway how did I know it's my graphics card problem? Thank myself that I had the foresight to install 2 OS, I have 2 harddisks so earlier on when I was installing my OS, I thought I might as well install on my second harddisk as well in case shit happens, so this really saved me a lot of trouble, so when I can't boot into my main harddisk without the screen freezing, I tried booting into my second harddisk and I can boot in normally, and other than basic drivers that Windows provides, I didn't install any other drivers. So thinking that my Windows might be corrupted, I reinstalle

Computer Crashed!

Just now the screen suddenly shows funny pixels and then boom it went off, black screen but the CPU was still running. So I turned off the power and opened up the CPU, wow the dust damn thick lol, I cleaned the really thick parts, especially those on fan blades of my processor fan and graphics card fan. Then I assembled everything and turned it on, it powers on, then powers off, it just repeat like that. So I turned it off again, wonder what happened, I checked my power supply fan, cleaned it up too and turned it on, now it works but problem is if I let it load as per normal, it will go black screen again, so I booted in safe mode, now I can see my desktop, so I'm guessing hardware is still okay, I think probably my graphics card driver problem, now I'm downloaded the latest version to see if it fixes the problem.

Holidays Over, Back to Work!

The 4.5 days of holiday are over, now it's back to work, so busy, this year have so many things to do, but that is good thing because it means that company is doing well so this year bonus and increment should be not bad. This year budget also announced, seems like government is trying to help out the SMEs, by delaying the increase of foreign worker's levy I think it will help a lot, nowadays foreign workers also not that cheap anymore, but I find it strange why government increase the levy on those less attractive jobs such as construction work, seriously how many locals are willing to do that job, educated ones will go white-collar, lower educated ones will probably go for sales or retail, construction work is so tough, where else can they get their workforce if not for foreign workers, so why government increase their levy, lol don't understand. Anyway this year budget I think middle-income won't get much, will get help in other ways but surely no cash money but

Crazy Woman Scolded My Wife Stupid

Today half-day work so I went to Sheng Siong with my wife to stock up some food and buy an electric steamboat for tonight's dinner. Today they open until 3pm and will reopen on this Saturday at 7am, by 2.30pm they already cleared most of their fresh food so everyone thought it's all sold out, so everyone was rushing to buy things, but most people were probably there for the aircon, walk around never buy anything, one uncle best, he looks like in a rush, rush here and there, saw him so many times but end up he didn't buy anything lol. So after grabbing our stuff, which we slowly did, no point rushing, not as if they will chase us out once the clock hits 3pm, these people really super kan cheong, don't know rush what, don't get it, anyway we went to a counter to settle the bill, very long queue, we switched to another lane then my wife came to tell me but before she could finish, I heard someone saying stupid behind me, so I turned around and saw one auntie, she qui

Food Price Go Up Again

Today I ordered Pig's Stomach Soup, one bowl was $6 and the portion was not as much as I expected, with a bowl of rice total $6.50, wow, usually I think they selling for $4-5, how come can increase so much, even my friend's mixed veggie rice costed $0.50 more, same dishes, I wonder if the price surge will stay, sigh, every year is the same, vendors always take the chance to increase price, if only our income grows as much. $1 of say $5 is 20% increase, $0.50 of say $3 is about 16% increase, does our income increase as much per year? Of course not. Singapore getting more and more expensive, government is trying to slow down property price growth, but costs of healthcare and food is getting more and more expensive, furthermore these two are necessities, I think more focus should be put on slowing down price growth of necessities, vendors should not be allowed to increase price so much, actually hawker centre rental is not very expensive but how come they are still increasing pr

Henry's Chicken Rice @ Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre

Yummy looking right ;) I queued about 35 minutes for this chicken lol, damn long queue, people here really love chicken a lot! Smells really good! $24 for whole chicken

Crystal Jade Reunion Dinner

Just now me and wife went to Westgate at Jurong, wah the shopping centre so damn big, so many shops so many food, see until my head giddy. We then went to the Crystal Jade at level 4 to eat with my family, ordered the $298 set meal and a $288 Pen Cai, so expensive, if add GST and service charge the whole dinner will cost almost $700! First dish was Yu Sheng, this one really good, different from those you buy at supermarket, so crispy and tasty. Then came the pen cai, first time eating haha, the soup so tasty but I don't like the dried oyster, so stinky, actually I only find the soup exceptional, everything else is quite normal, chicken, duck, pork leg, fish cake, abalone, I don't even eat abalone, too bad don't have rice, if eat with rice then really good. Then they served a plate of roast duck, so miserable small plate, braised oyster mushroom veggies and glutinous rice with egg strips. By this time quite full already, then they served a small bowl of fish, my father

Went to Mother House Just Now

Today my mother did her prayers thing and she cooked a lot of food and asked me to drop by to eat. There was chicken rice, braised duck, fried dumplings, fish, fishball/meatball soup with sichuan veggies, braised pork and tau kwa, eat until so full. In the past I thought her food doesn't taste so good, some are really good but most are experimental and kind of sucky but now it tastes really good. After dinner I had a long talk with my father, we drank guiness stout and talked all sorts of stuff, from work to my wife's pregnancy. He told me after I dropped by last Friday to pass my mother the ang pao, my mother went to buy 4D the next day using the last 4 digits of my NRIC 0521, it opened 2nd prize and she won $1000, so at least now I don't feel so bad for giving her $50 ang pao haha. So tomorrow we are eating at Crystal Jade at Westgate, heard from my sister it costs $470+, sigh, so expensive, might as well eat at Chinatown, $100 can order whole table and eat until full

Alamak Bad News Again

Yesterday we went to see my wife's cardiologist, everything is fine with my wife, she's feeling good and when doctor asked how many flights of stairs she can climb, I said 4-5, doctor commented that she's doing good. So nothing much yesterday, just see doctor and take medication and to visit again in April. I think this cardiologist is the best doctor ever, very friendly, humble and knowledgeable, my wife really like him haha. And today we went to get a scan at Kent Ridge FCC, we arrived at about 9.55am, registered and waited until about 10.30am, I told the counter staff that we have a 10.45am appointment at the gynae clinic and she said there's one patient before us, so we waited until about 11.05am, I got fed up and told the counter staff to cancel the registration, then she asked me to wait, I said I will wait for 5 more minutes, if still have to wait then we will leave, in the end we left but she called me to try to get us to go back and I insisted not to, only wh

Went to NUH and Mom House

Today went to the O&G clinic G, saw the doctor, nothing much, she did a basic scan and everything seems ok, my wife complained of regular burps and gases, doctor says it's normal if it's not every few minutes thing, due to tummy expanding and pushing up the stomach. So today didn't pay much, only pay $46 for repeat consultation. After that we took taxi to my mom's house, visit early since she will be going to Malacca during CNY with father so I wanted to give her ang pow first. This year didn't give much, $50 for mom $50 for father, $10 for niece and $10 for nephew, that's it. Then we went to re-contract my mobile line, I got the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G 8GB White for $99, I retain my power value 100, still don't want to get data plan haha, no use for it actually so no point paying that extra money. Now wondering how much I can sell, the xiaomi site is $229, if sell shop I think at most they take $150, don't know see how.

DBS Changed Their iBanking Interface

Just log in to iBanking and found that their interface changed so much, looks much more modern now. Should have done it long ago. Anyway when I try to logout, they invited me to join their Treasures program, deposit $350k to get $1388, that's about 0.39%, well I don't have that kind of money but even if I have, I definitely won't deposit in bank, even if they give 1% also not worth it.

Just Ate McDonald's Big Breakfast

I think it's been a few years since I ate big breakfast, or rather Mcdonald's food, my wife don't like fast food chains so we rarely eat any but I love fast food, western food, burgers, chicken chop, pork chop and etc, I love these but wife don't like haha. She prefer home-cooked food because she thinks that fast food makes people fat, personally I think any food can make people fat if we don't exercise or eat too much. Anyway I went to the Queensway branch just across the road, about 5 mins walk, my wife kept saying it's far but it's not really that far, I didn't even break a sweat. When I reached there it's quite packed, usually when I pass by it's like a ghost town, the location is too isolated, unless you have a car or live nearby I don't think you will want to go there. Even though there was a queue, once they open up another counter, they cleared the queue real fast, I waited less than 5 minutes and my takeaway was ready. I paid $14