28 February 2015

Bought Graphics Card and RAM

Just now went to Sim Lim and bought the GTX 960 and 2x4GB 1600Mhz RAM, $325 and $110 respectively. Nowadays the RAM have 8 chip and 16 chip, 8 is the new one and 16 is what I'm using, the guy told me the 8 chip won't work on my motherboard but I didn't say I want the new one, actually I was looking for the old one or whatever that works on my current motherboard because I have no intention of upgrading so much. Miscommunication, that's why should ask me properly before he jump to conclusion.

Anyway the new card works nicely, it's so powerful and yet it's not hot, idle temperature is only 29-30 degrees, much lower than my old and broken HD6870. The power consumption is also lower at 120 Watts, and it only need a 6 pin plug to work, compared to HD6870 it needed 2x6 pin.

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