25 February 2015

Computer Crashed!

Just now the screen suddenly shows funny pixels and then boom it went off, black screen but the CPU was still running. So I turned off the power and opened up the CPU, wow the dust damn thick lol, I cleaned the really thick parts, especially those on fan blades of my processor fan and graphics card fan. Then I assembled everything and turned it on, it powers on, then powers off, it just repeat like that.

So I turned it off again, wonder what happened, I checked my power supply fan, cleaned it up too and turned it on, now it works but problem is if I let it load as per normal, it will go black screen again, so I booted in safe mode, now I can see my desktop, so I'm guessing hardware is still okay, I think probably my graphics card driver problem, now I'm downloaded the latest version to see if it fixes the problem.

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