18 February 2015

Crazy Woman Scolded My Wife Stupid

Today half-day work so I went to Sheng Siong with my wife to stock up some food and buy an electric steamboat for tonight's dinner. Today they open until 3pm and will reopen on this Saturday at 7am, by 2.30pm they already cleared most of their fresh food so everyone thought it's all sold out, so everyone was rushing to buy things, but most people were probably there for the aircon, walk around never buy anything, one uncle best, he looks like in a rush, rush here and there, saw him so many times but end up he didn't buy anything lol.

So after grabbing our stuff, which we slowly did, no point rushing, not as if they will chase us out once the clock hits 3pm, these people really super kan cheong, don't know rush what, don't get it, anyway we went to a counter to settle the bill, very long queue, we switched to another lane then my wife came to tell me but before she could finish, I heard someone saying stupid behind me, so I turned around and saw one auntie, she quickly turned her sight to the ceiling and continued saying stupid another two times and while saying it, she was shaking her body and one leg lol, damn weird man, I thought she was scolding me lol.

After we went home my wife told me the whole story, when we were at the first lane, this auntie was behind us, my wife wanted to move but the auntie kicked her basket to my wife's direction, my wife shifted and she kicked to that direction, obviously there's something wrong with this auntie, must be on medication, maybe today forget to eat, so my wife looked at her, maybe that's what triggered the scolding, that's why when encounter crazy people the only thing to do is ignore them, you react to them that's it, they react back to you, I cannot imagine what crazy people can do, so just don't bother. Singapore really a lot of these type of nutcases.

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Anonymous said...

Gong kia, has it occurred to u that she is verbalising what she saw? Guess u too dumb to see that.