14 February 2015

Crystal Jade Reunion Dinner

Just now me and wife went to Westgate at Jurong, wah the shopping centre so damn big, so many shops so many food, see until my head giddy. We then went to the Crystal Jade at level 4 to eat with my family, ordered the $298 set meal and a $288 Pen Cai, so expensive, if add GST and service charge the whole dinner will cost almost $700!

First dish was Yu Sheng, this one really good, different from those you buy at supermarket, so crispy and tasty.

Then came the pen cai, first time eating haha, the soup so tasty but I don't like the dried oyster, so stinky, actually I only find the soup exceptional, everything else is quite normal, chicken, duck, pork leg, fish cake, abalone, I don't even eat abalone, too bad don't have rice, if eat with rice then really good.

Then they served a plate of roast duck, so miserable small plate, braised oyster mushroom veggies and glutinous rice with egg strips. By this time quite full already, then they served a small bowl of fish, my father say is the Soon Hock fish, very expensive, and the bowl really small bowl, again so miserable. Dessert was red bean soup with glutinous rice ball.

Overall I find this meal too expensive and not very fulfilling, might as well eat at Chinatown, can order whole table of food for less than 1/3 of the price with beer. Oh, the tiger beer is $9 per can, what the hell, so damn expensive.


Anonymous said...

The quality of Crystal Jade really dropped a lot. I suggest Imperial Treasure at Paragon. Around the same price and the food is much better.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Maybe next year I can suggest to my family, thanks for the tip!