17 February 2015

Food Price Go Up Again

Today I ordered Pig's Stomach Soup, one bowl was $6 and the portion was not as much as I expected, with a bowl of rice total $6.50, wow, usually I think they selling for $4-5, how come can increase so much, even my friend's mixed veggie rice costed $0.50 more, same dishes, I wonder if the price surge will stay, sigh, every year is the same, vendors always take the chance to increase price, if only our income grows as much. $1 of say $5 is 20% increase, $0.50 of say $3 is about 16% increase, does our income increase as much per year? Of course not.

Singapore getting more and more expensive, government is trying to slow down property price growth, but costs of healthcare and food is getting more and more expensive, furthermore these two are necessities, I think more focus should be put on slowing down price growth of necessities, vendors should not be allowed to increase price so much, actually hawker centre rental is not very expensive but how come they are still increasing price by so much?

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Anonymous said...

Because of gong kias like u!