26 February 2015

Graphics Card Faulty

Yesterday I spent almost 3 hours before I finally know what was causing my computer to freeze, my graphics card, but strangely it can still output video even though it's not working well, I think it's running on basic drivers, see right now I can see stuff but it's not as good as before, previously I was running full HD so everything was very clear, now it all looks quite pixelated.

Anyway how did I know it's my graphics card problem? Thank myself that I had the foresight to install 2 OS, I have 2 harddisks so earlier on when I was installing my OS, I thought I might as well install on my second harddisk as well in case shit happens, so this really saved me a lot of trouble, so when I can't boot into my main harddisk without the screen freezing, I tried booting into my second harddisk and I can boot in normally, and other than basic drivers that Windows provides, I didn't install any other drivers.

So thinking that my Windows might be corrupted, I reinstalled the OS on my main harddisk, after that I can boot in normally, so I tried to download the latest graphics card driver, I installed and rebooted, boom, screen freeze again, now I can confirm it's graphics card problem, when the drivers run it will activate the card, so when it gets activated, that's it, it freezes. I still have no idea how it can run with basic drivers, it's the only graphics port I have, I don't have VGA or any other port, only the DVI port from my card, it's like it's half-dead lol.

Now I'm looking at which card to buy, my half-dead card is Sapphire HD6870, didn't last as long as I expected, I think I bought it in 2011 or 2012, can't remember how much I paid for it, I think slightly over $300, anyway this time I will try a Nvidia card instead, thinking of buying GTX 960 but it's kind of pricy, but reviews seems good.


Anonymous said...

What do you use your computer for? Do you play any games?

Otherwise, just get a mid range card at about $150 - 200 if you just watch videos, play some Facebook games..

I'm using a GTX 550 Ti and it's really value for $.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Yep, I play some FPS and 3D RPG so I'm looking to get a decent card so I can run at 1080p without issues, probably getting the GTX 960, it cost about $325 but I think it's worth it.

GTX 550 Ti is good, that time before I bought my HD6870, I was actually comparing to 550 Ti, should have bought 550 Ti instead, this 6870 died so early, sad.