25 February 2015

Holidays Over, Back to Work!

The 4.5 days of holiday are over, now it's back to work, so busy, this year have so many things to do, but that is good thing because it means that company is doing well so this year bonus and increment should be not bad.

This year budget also announced, seems like government is trying to help out the SMEs, by delaying the increase of foreign worker's levy I think it will help a lot, nowadays foreign workers also not that cheap anymore, but I find it strange why government increase the levy on those less attractive jobs such as construction work, seriously how many locals are willing to do that job, educated ones will go white-collar, lower educated ones will probably go for sales or retail, construction work is so tough, where else can they get their workforce if not for foreign workers, so why government increase their levy, lol don't understand.

Anyway this year budget I think middle-income won't get much, will get help in other ways but surely no cash money but for me I think most important is they can keep prices of necessities down, this one is more important than giving money.

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