27 February 2015

Went to Mom House for Steamboat

Yesterday night my parents prayed overnight, they do this every year and today they prepared a lot of food for steamboat, really eat until damn full, almost cannot walk lol. I think my mom's steamboat still the best, even though I didn't like it before, maybe her skills improved, I really enjoyed the meal.

Ah, tomorrow going to Sim Lim Square to get my graphics card, was planning to go today but was called up for the steamboat, I think I'm getting GTX 960, after looking at many reviews, it seems pretty value for money. I am also looking at GTX 750 Ti but it's not really that cheap and performance-wise, the 960 greatly outperforms the 750, price-wise it's just about $100 difference depending on which brand, but I'm leaning towards Gigabyte because I bought their motherboard in 2009 and it's still working fine now, definitely not going for Sapphire, my HD6870 didn't even last 3 years if I remember correctly.

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