14 February 2015

Went to Mother House Just Now

Today my mother did her prayers thing and she cooked a lot of food and asked me to drop by to eat. There was chicken rice, braised duck, fried dumplings, fish, fishball/meatball soup with sichuan veggies, braised pork and tau kwa, eat until so full. In the past I thought her food doesn't taste so good, some are really good but most are experimental and kind of sucky but now it tastes really good.

After dinner I had a long talk with my father, we drank guiness stout and talked all sorts of stuff, from work to my wife's pregnancy. He told me after I dropped by last Friday to pass my mother the ang pao, my mother went to buy 4D the next day using the last 4 digits of my NRIC 0521, it opened 2nd prize and she won $1000, so at least now I don't feel so bad for giving her $50 ang pao haha.

So tomorrow we are eating at Crystal Jade at Westgate, heard from my sister it costs $470+, sigh, so expensive, might as well eat at Chinatown, $100 can order whole table and eat until full. Too bad she booked already. Anyway Crystal Jade food is good, let's see what we can eat tomorrow.

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