06 February 2015

Went to NUH and Mom House

Today went to the O&G clinic G, saw the doctor, nothing much, she did a basic scan and everything seems ok, my wife complained of regular burps and gases, doctor says it's normal if it's not every few minutes thing, due to tummy expanding and pushing up the stomach. So today didn't pay much, only pay $46 for repeat consultation.

After that we took taxi to my mom's house, visit early since she will be going to Malacca during CNY with father so I wanted to give her ang pow first. This year didn't give much, $50 for mom $50 for father, $10 for niece and $10 for nephew, that's it.

Then we went to re-contract my mobile line, I got the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G 8GB White for $99, I retain my power value 100, still don't want to get data plan haha, no use for it actually so no point paying that extra money. Now wondering how much I can sell, the xiaomi site is $229, if sell shop I think at most they take $150, don't know see how.

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