30 March 2015

So Many Long Weekends in 2015!


Chinese New Year - 19 and 20 Feb, Thursday and Friday.
Good Friday - 3 Apr Friday.
Labour Day - 1 May Friday.
Vesak Day - 1 Jun Monday.
Hari Raya Puasa - 17 Jul Friday.
SG50 Public Holiday - 7 Aug Friday.
National Day - 9 Aug Sunday, following Monday will be holiday.
Christmas Day - 25 Dec Friday.

This year is our 50th anniversay so we have this SG50 public holiday lol.

29 March 2015

Some Bus Services Not Available

Just now me and wife wanted to take bus 961/855 to Bukit Merah central and when we were walking towards the bus stop, we saw a police officer at the overhead bridge, we wondered what he was doing there. There was also a barrier, I think they were going to close the overhead bridge or something.

After that we saw quite a few people waiting for taxi at the bus stop, so weird, and after waiting for quite some time, I saw a notice stating that several bus services were suspended due to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's state funeral. Two aunties were still waiting down there, I told them no bus if not they will keep waiting.

So we went to Sheng Siong instead, on the way back, we saw a lot of police officers at the Commonwealth MRT station, I think the funeral car will pass by the station, they even blocked the entire station so no one can view down from above, I think it's a safety measure in case some crazy people throw stuff on the funeral car.

And today so many shops are closed, I think they all went to see Mr. Lee off, and probably also as a sign of mourning. Even Google also put up a black ribbon on their SG page.

23 March 2015

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew Passed Away on 23 Mar 2015 at 3.18 AM

This morning when I reached office, first email I saw was the passing of Mr. Lee, and I was shocked for a bit because I thought he might live for a few more years since he always looked sharp even for his age.

I think he might have succumbed to the recent flu bug, probably the same one which I kena, this one was terrible and I had a bad cough for 2 whole weeks, almost everyone in my office also kena, so damn contagious, and if it's so bad for a 31 year old like me, then I can't imagine how bad it can be for a 91 year old.

Anyway today I worked only half-day and I brought my wife to do her echo, I was watching the news and they kept talking about the passing of Mr. Lee, his life stories and etc, so repetitive, I bet they have been replaying the same videos over and over since this morning.

Personally I think he is a great person, I always wondered what Singapore will be like without him, I mean look at our achievements right now versus our neighbouring countries, or at least versus Thailand since I visited there quite a few times, as you might have already known, my wife is from rural area of Thailand, compared to the convenience that we have here, Singapore is simply better. We have MRT connecting the entire island, we have amenities close to our residence, schools nearby, everything is nearby and so convenient, internet connecting everyone, even on the move, in my wife's hometown, we need to ride the bike for 30 minutes to the nearest town, here is just 5-10 mins walk away, and they don't have fibre broadband like we do.

But let's not forget to compare with Bangkok, city versus city, I like Bangkok but I don't like the very polluted air, and I feel that it's not as safe as Singapore, you know you can get guns and fake id there, can't imagine all the unlawful things that goes unnoticed, anyway I also don't want to know, so dangerous, but I love the food, I love the people, their general population is very friendly, unlike our general population, when I think of our people I think of the word selfish, seems to go hand-in-hand, but of course we still have nice people but they are all vanishing.

And I think it's not easy to be a leader, most of the times leaders have to make tough decisions, I know some decisions are not easy, you can't please everyone, so the most important thing is to make a decision for the greater good.

And looking at the Singapore today, I must salute him for it, so go in peace, I believe we are in good hands, hopefully.

18 March 2015

Seen Gynae Today

Today we went to see gynae at NUH, nothing much, only took the glucose tolerance test and the usual questions from gynae like how are you, any breathlessness, giddiness and etc.

After that we had lunch at the Coffee Bean, wife ordered the beef spaghetti and me the beef lasagne, I think I can make better spaghetti, actually it's not that difficult, just cook the noodles well and make a good sauce. The lasagne also not bad, but I still like our hawker food. We also ordered a Black Forest Mocha, good stuff. The meal costed $29, think they have some lunch promotion if not it will cost more.

Then we went to the NTUC Fairprice, they have a shopping mall at the new building, I think there is also a Burger King somewhere but not sure which level, I saw their logo outside the building. Overall quite a nice place, but feels quite empty because not all the shop space are taken.

17 March 2015

The Neighbour Above Really a Family of Inconsiderate Assholes

Bloody hell, which kid still run around and laugh loudly at 3am? Which family still talk loudly and laugh at 3am? Really fed up man, these people no need to school, no need to work? 3am is their normal hours? Are they vampires??? And their aircon really super noisy, like the plane engine, how did they even put up with it, or maybe they are deaf? By the way I bought 2 sets of earplugs, one for me and one for my wife, cannot fully block out the noise but at least better than nothing.

You can say I'm evil but to be honest, I really hope their aircon explode and burn down their house. And I'm very curious, how come daytime they are at home, nighttime also at home, no need to work at all??? And the kid, so late still haven't sleep, don't say school holiday, even normal school days also can run around at 2-3am, really a family of weirdos.

15 March 2015

These People Really Kings and Queens of Act Blur

Just now me and wife went to IKEA for shopping, ended up only bought a packet of scented candles for $4.90. We are thinking of getting a new cupboard but problem is nobody to carry for us, the delivery is so expensive, maybe wait until my father have time then we buy.

So after the shopping, we took a bus home, we went to the bus stop, it was quite packed, nobody bothered to give her a seat, everyone just acted like they never see her, never mind, stand a bit is okay for us. After a while, there were two vacant seats, my wife signaled for me to go but I signaled back for her to go ahead as I don't mind standing, so she went over, then this couple, quickly went to take the seats, like that also can, they saw my wife walking over and they just sat down and ignored her, sigh, these people really jia lat.

There is something very wrong with our culture, locals and foreigners alike, I wonder who started all these bad behaviours, as a human being, when you see someone in need, will you offer assistance? Will you snatch a seat from a pregnant woman when you know she is going to sit on it? Curse such people.

14 March 2015

Pre-Marriage Long-Term Visit Pass Assessment


I learned about this new procedure from one of my visitors, I took a look and this new thing is not what I expected, at first I thought it's something to help our group of people, but seems like this is more to screen the couples first before they get married, last time is marry first then apply for LTVP, now is apply for this pre-marriage assessment before you get married, if don't apply, will face longer LTVP processing time, according to this page, under Processing Time, can be up to 6 months!

"Those who did not go through the Pre-Marriage LTVP Assessment will be subjected to longer processing time of up to 6 months."

What I can see is this is a new strategy to control the SG/Foreigner couple population, obviously Singaporeans who cannot meet their hidden criteria will not be granted the Letter of LTVP Eligibility, and even if they go ahead and get married, they will have to wait up to 6 months for the LTVP application result, imagine after waiting for 6 months and they tell you rejected, obviously this will cause a lot of un-necessary stress to people who cannot meet the criteria.

We all know which group will be most affected, the lower income group, first thing they look at is your income, whether you can support yourself and the foreign spouse.

This is discriminating but then it is a fact that it costs much more if you marry a foreigner, housing will be more expensive because you cannot apply for BTO, healthcare is more expensive as the foreign spouse will be paying foreigner rate, but I think this can be overcome if both of them have a stable job, so why not explore this aspect and see what better things can be done.

This new procedure isn't really as helpful as they painted it, it's like saying if you are low income, don't bother getting married, even if you try, we will make you wait 6 months and then reject the LTVP, what the fish right.

11 March 2015

Had Dominos Pizza for Dinner

Last time I ordered it came a bit late so they gave me a coupon for a free regular pizza, so today I ordered 3 regular for $22, no extra charge, no delivery charge so very value for money, but most importantly the pizza really tastes great even though it arrived 30 mins late. I really like their crust, very special, wonder what powder they use to make the crust. So today they gave me another coupon, I will be ordering soon, great pizza!

Baby So Far So Good

Just now went to see the pediatric cardiologist, did her scan as usual, this time was quite fast, I think 30 mins settled. She told us she found nothing new, same thing there is a hole at top center of heart, but seems to be small hole so probably can wait until baby is 3 years old then do operation to fix, there also seems to be a hole at bottom center but it likely small to medium, if small can also wait until 3 years old, if medium then fix within months after baby delivered. She said the bottom part have to wait after delivery then confirm, roughly same as what the professor said in our last visit.

Well, I think don't think too much, since wife and baby doing fine so far, I mean other than the heart, everything else is normal so probably no major problem, I overheard some child have heart which cannot function well, something like only function at 20-25%, I think that is much worse than what we are facing so somehow that gives me some relief, but I hope that child is ok.

Then when we took taxi home, this uncle I think got lost because the road changed a bit, so he turned into an area and don't know how to get out, he turned a few times and finally got out and brought us home, I think rainy day also not easy to drive, anyway he wanted to give me $2 rebate I insisted no, I think those turns also don't really cost much, usually it will cost about $7 to reach home, today is $9.50, just extra $2.50, no big deal, I gave him $10 and told him to keep the change, but I appreciate his initiative, at least he knows he is at fault, worse kind are those who do something wrong and yet die die don't want to admit, really hate those kind.

08 March 2015

Feeling Better Today

I was sick since Monday, I think it's the annual flu bug, every year seems to get stronger because every year I get infected at least once, I wonder if it's because people don't complete their antibiotics, it's not good for everyone else if one do not complete his/her antibiotics because if you don't complete, the bacteria might not be totally killed off and the remnants can develop resistance to the antibiotics while they reproduce, in future people would need stronger or different varieties of antibiotics. There is a discussion which debates on this topic which I find very interesting, can read here.

Personally, I just follow the doctor's instructions, but only for antibiotics, doctor say have to complete then I will complete, as for the rest of the other medications, should be fine if I take only when necessary, such as Paracetamol (for pain relief and fever), and some which can cause drowsiness, you don't want to get drowsy at work or when driving right, so of course take only when resting. Anyway everyone take care, don't let the bug get you, wear a mask, yeah I should consider wearing a mask, some idiots don't cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough, especially in air-conditioned areas, these bugs can spread easily.

MRT for example. I wonder if they do sanitization on the handle bars, seats or any parts of the train which is accessible to passengers, I sure hope they do on a daily basis, imagine how much bacteria and virus is on the cabins when they claim that they are carrying millions of passengers daily, and I think the best way for these bugs to spread is indeed via our train system because it connects almost every part of Singapore!

04 March 2015

Good News Again?

As mentioned in the last post, the pediatric cardiologist said that baby has a hole at top center of heart, it's called AVSD, it's a condition which requires surgical intervention, but today the professor at women's clinic mentioned that he is not convinced that baby has AVSD, following is his report:

Baby's weight as of 25 weeks and 2 days: 722 grams.

Comment: CVS - Situs solitus with laevocardia. Both atria and ventricles are of similar size and contracting well. Left SVC with prominent coronary sinus seen. Both outflow tracts are normal. AV valves appear to be at same level and there is possibly an AVSD. At least 2 pulmonary veins seen entering left atrium.

Summary: The fetus is growing along 18 th centile. Liquor volume and doppler studies are normal.

Follow-up: Rescan 4 weeks for growth and cvs.

He said so far so good, and we can only know whether baby is fine after birth, well, I hope so. I am getting confused by these doctors.

02 March 2015

Kena Virus Again

Last week I have a co-worker who was having a bad sore throat, so bad until his voice changed, so Friday I was near him for a while, I think I got the virus from him, and the virus only reacted on Sunday because by then, my throat felt funny. I took the Robitussin cough syrup and it helped gave some relief.

But this morning when I woke up, wow, my throat feels so uncomfortable and I was having a slight headache so I went to see the doctor and she gave me a bunch of medications and antibiotics. I took the medications and feels better now.

I wonder if my immune system is weak, how come I get infected so easily, but anyway I wasn't the only one who kena, the guy who sat near him also kena lol. I think if one is sick, better to take MC and stay home until the virus clears, one person MC better than 3 person MC.