11 March 2015

Baby So Far So Good

Just now went to see the pediatric cardiologist, did her scan as usual, this time was quite fast, I think 30 mins settled. She told us she found nothing new, same thing there is a hole at top center of heart, but seems to be small hole so probably can wait until baby is 3 years old then do operation to fix, there also seems to be a hole at bottom center but it likely small to medium, if small can also wait until 3 years old, if medium then fix within months after baby delivered. She said the bottom part have to wait after delivery then confirm, roughly same as what the professor said in our last visit.

Well, I think don't think too much, since wife and baby doing fine so far, I mean other than the heart, everything else is normal so probably no major problem, I overheard some child have heart which cannot function well, something like only function at 20-25%, I think that is much worse than what we are facing so somehow that gives me some relief, but I hope that child is ok.

Then when we took taxi home, this uncle I think got lost because the road changed a bit, so he turned into an area and don't know how to get out, he turned a few times and finally got out and brought us home, I think rainy day also not easy to drive, anyway he wanted to give me $2 rebate I insisted no, I think those turns also don't really cost much, usually it will cost about $7 to reach home, today is $9.50, just extra $2.50, no big deal, I gave him $10 and told him to keep the change, but I appreciate his initiative, at least he knows he is at fault, worse kind are those who do something wrong and yet die die don't want to admit, really hate those kind.

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