08 March 2015

Feeling Better Today

I was sick since Monday, I think it's the annual flu bug, every year seems to get stronger because every year I get infected at least once, I wonder if it's because people don't complete their antibiotics, it's not good for everyone else if one do not complete his/her antibiotics because if you don't complete, the bacteria might not be totally killed off and the remnants can develop resistance to the antibiotics while they reproduce, in future people would need stronger or different varieties of antibiotics. There is a discussion which debates on this topic which I find very interesting, can read here.

Personally, I just follow the doctor's instructions, but only for antibiotics, doctor say have to complete then I will complete, as for the rest of the other medications, should be fine if I take only when necessary, such as Paracetamol (for pain relief and fever), and some which can cause drowsiness, you don't want to get drowsy at work or when driving right, so of course take only when resting. Anyway everyone take care, don't let the bug get you, wear a mask, yeah I should consider wearing a mask, some idiots don't cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough, especially in air-conditioned areas, these bugs can spread easily.

MRT for example. I wonder if they do sanitization on the handle bars, seats or any parts of the train which is accessible to passengers, I sure hope they do on a daily basis, imagine how much bacteria and virus is on the cabins when they claim that they are carrying millions of passengers daily, and I think the best way for these bugs to spread is indeed via our train system because it connects almost every part of Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Is your email still valid ?

Anonymous said...

I tried emailing you but only to receive failure to send notification. Anyway, I find your blog a really good read to those just starting out and dont know what to do, like myself.

marrythaigirlsingapore said...


Yes my email is the same as in the contact page, should be able to as I still receive some emails from my visitors.

Glad my blog is useful to you!

Anonymous said...

I tried a couple of times but to no avail. Hope we could keep in touch really soon.