04 March 2015

Good News Again?

As mentioned in the last post, the pediatric cardiologist said that baby has a hole at top center of heart, it's called AVSD, it's a condition which requires surgical intervention, but today the professor at women's clinic mentioned that he is not convinced that baby has AVSD, following is his report:

Baby's weight as of 25 weeks and 2 days: 722 grams.

Comment: CVS - Situs solitus with laevocardia. Both atria and ventricles are of similar size and contracting well. Left SVC with prominent coronary sinus seen. Both outflow tracts are normal. AV valves appear to be at same level and there is possibly an AVSD. At least 2 pulmonary veins seen entering left atrium.

Summary: The fetus is growing along 18 th centile. Liquor volume and doppler studies are normal.

Follow-up: Rescan 4 weeks for growth and cvs.

He said so far so good, and we can only know whether baby is fine after birth, well, I hope so. I am getting confused by these doctors.


Anonymous said...

Wish your baby will be healthy. Dont worry too much

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Hey thanks!