02 March 2015

Kena Virus Again

Last week I have a co-worker who was having a bad sore throat, so bad until his voice changed, so Friday I was near him for a while, I think I got the virus from him, and the virus only reacted on Sunday because by then, my throat felt funny. I took the Robitussin cough syrup and it helped gave some relief.

But this morning when I woke up, wow, my throat feels so uncomfortable and I was having a slight headache so I went to see the doctor and she gave me a bunch of medications and antibiotics. I took the medications and feels better now.

I wonder if my immune system is weak, how come I get infected so easily, but anyway I wasn't the only one who kena, the guy who sat near him also kena lol. I think if one is sick, better to take MC and stay home until the virus clears, one person MC better than 3 person MC.

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