23 March 2015

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew Passed Away on 23 Mar 2015 at 3.18 AM

This morning when I reached office, first email I saw was the passing of Mr. Lee, and I was shocked for a bit because I thought he might live for a few more years since he always looked sharp even for his age.

I think he might have succumbed to the recent flu bug, probably the same one which I kena, this one was terrible and I had a bad cough for 2 whole weeks, almost everyone in my office also kena, so damn contagious, and if it's so bad for a 31 year old like me, then I can't imagine how bad it can be for a 91 year old.

Anyway today I worked only half-day and I brought my wife to do her echo, I was watching the news and they kept talking about the passing of Mr. Lee, his life stories and etc, so repetitive, I bet they have been replaying the same videos over and over since this morning.

Personally I think he is a great person, I always wondered what Singapore will be like without him, I mean look at our achievements right now versus our neighbouring countries, or at least versus Thailand since I visited there quite a few times, as you might have already known, my wife is from rural area of Thailand, compared to the convenience that we have here, Singapore is simply better. We have MRT connecting the entire island, we have amenities close to our residence, schools nearby, everything is nearby and so convenient, internet connecting everyone, even on the move, in my wife's hometown, we need to ride the bike for 30 minutes to the nearest town, here is just 5-10 mins walk away, and they don't have fibre broadband like we do.

But let's not forget to compare with Bangkok, city versus city, I like Bangkok but I don't like the very polluted air, and I feel that it's not as safe as Singapore, you know you can get guns and fake id there, can't imagine all the unlawful things that goes unnoticed, anyway I also don't want to know, so dangerous, but I love the food, I love the people, their general population is very friendly, unlike our general population, when I think of our people I think of the word selfish, seems to go hand-in-hand, but of course we still have nice people but they are all vanishing.

And I think it's not easy to be a leader, most of the times leaders have to make tough decisions, I know some decisions are not easy, you can't please everyone, so the most important thing is to make a decision for the greater good.

And looking at the Singapore today, I must salute him for it, so go in peace, I believe we are in good hands, hopefully.

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