18 March 2015

Seen Gynae Today

Today we went to see gynae at NUH, nothing much, only took the glucose tolerance test and the usual questions from gynae like how are you, any breathlessness, giddiness and etc.

After that we had lunch at the Coffee Bean, wife ordered the beef spaghetti and me the beef lasagne, I think I can make better spaghetti, actually it's not that difficult, just cook the noodles well and make a good sauce. The lasagne also not bad, but I still like our hawker food. We also ordered a Black Forest Mocha, good stuff. The meal costed $29, think they have some lunch promotion if not it will cost more.

Then we went to the NTUC Fairprice, they have a shopping mall at the new building, I think there is also a Burger King somewhere but not sure which level, I saw their logo outside the building. Overall quite a nice place, but feels quite empty because not all the shop space are taken.

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