29 March 2015

Some Bus Services Not Available

Just now me and wife wanted to take bus 961/855 to Bukit Merah central and when we were walking towards the bus stop, we saw a police officer at the overhead bridge, we wondered what he was doing there. There was also a barrier, I think they were going to close the overhead bridge or something.

After that we saw quite a few people waiting for taxi at the bus stop, so weird, and after waiting for quite some time, I saw a notice stating that several bus services were suspended due to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's state funeral. Two aunties were still waiting down there, I told them no bus if not they will keep waiting.

So we went to Sheng Siong instead, on the way back, we saw a lot of police officers at the Commonwealth MRT station, I think the funeral car will pass by the station, they even blocked the entire station so no one can view down from above, I think it's a safety measure in case some crazy people throw stuff on the funeral car.

And today so many shops are closed, I think they all went to see Mr. Lee off, and probably also as a sign of mourning. Even Google also put up a black ribbon on their SG page.

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