15 March 2015

These People Really Kings and Queens of Act Blur

Just now me and wife went to IKEA for shopping, ended up only bought a packet of scented candles for $4.90. We are thinking of getting a new cupboard but problem is nobody to carry for us, the delivery is so expensive, maybe wait until my father have time then we buy.

So after the shopping, we took a bus home, we went to the bus stop, it was quite packed, nobody bothered to give her a seat, everyone just acted like they never see her, never mind, stand a bit is okay for us. After a while, there were two vacant seats, my wife signaled for me to go but I signaled back for her to go ahead as I don't mind standing, so she went over, then this couple, quickly went to take the seats, like that also can, they saw my wife walking over and they just sat down and ignored her, sigh, these people really jia lat.

There is something very wrong with our culture, locals and foreigners alike, I wonder who started all these bad behaviours, as a human being, when you see someone in need, will you offer assistance? Will you snatch a seat from a pregnant woman when you know she is going to sit on it? Curse such people.


Small Time Investor said...

Hi Mtgs

Kiasu , Kiasi is our very own "culture"

As much as our education standard gets higher , however we failed badly in the moral values aspect.

Your case is not isolated and is common, even fts who came apdoted this

Anonymous said...

U have contributed to this but we're too dumb to know