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Activate POSB Card Magnetic Stripe for Overseas Use

So this Friday I will be flying to Bangkok for a quick trip to bring my mother-in-law and wife's cousin to Singapore. Today I kept reminding myself to activate my card in case I need to withdraw money, actually I can use my credit card but just to be safe, I always like to play safe so no harm leaving all options open.

I went to DBS iBanking and found the function, can even set it such that the stripe will be active for a period.

Just go to Cards > Activate Card's Magnetic Stripe for Overseas Use > Select your card > Click Allow. Then you can choose whether you want it to be active forever or just for a period, better set it to the latter because it is safer. So I set 01 May to 02 May, just one day is enough.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly, the recent aviation disaster is still fresh in my memory, damn scary to take a plane now lol.

Received My Second Adsense Payment

Last payment.

This time they didn't send a cheque, they deposited into my bank account instead. Not bad, I was expecting a payment in June or July, I got paid earlier means I have more visitors, thanks everyone for the support!

Today My Mob Unit Got Back to Me

It was fast, sent the email yesterday and today they replied, they told me to fill up some fields via email and attach my plane tickets which obviously should be referring to my itinerary.

Now I just remember 01 May is labour day, I don't think they will activate on a public holiday right but I don't know, I never kena before doesn't mean it is impossible, anyway no harm informing them, just fire an email, sekali they really activate on that day lol.

Come to think of it, if wartime, no matter what day also can activate, if war I don't think the commander will say hey let's enjoy the holiday and prepare for war later, no such thing.

Going Overseas During Manning Period

Almost forgot, I will be going overseas on 01 May, I just remember it is within my mobilisation manning period, lucky I remember so just now I sent an email to my unit and cc just in case.
I remember my manning officer told me if manning need to go overseas then better inform early with proof, so I also attached my flight itinerary. See what happen next.

Going to Bangkok on 01 May!

Haha, going to bring my mother-in-law and my wife's cousin and then come back, just going there for a few hours. My wife scared her mom and cousin get lost, so she ask me to go bring them.

I bought the ticket damn early, I think have to wake up at 3.30am to catch the 6.30am flight, confirm stoned. Reach there go buy their smoke and coffee and wait for them ;)

Chen Tian Wen Unbelievable Video

Hahaha this video...

Never See Doctor Today

Today was supposed to see the gynae and pediatric cardiologist but last minute decided to cancel the appointments, also cancelled the scan at the end of this month. Reason is because since we already know my wife is going to be admitted to NUH next month to prepare for her delivery, I thought might as well do whatever scan there instead, anyway also busy at work so I try to take leave only if necessary, not like the consultation will reveal anything new. And also might as well spend the consultation and scan fees on baby stuff instead.

So this morning we went to buy baby stuff instead, last week we bought baby's shirt, mittens, booties, hat and some other stuff, today we bought the bed set for baby, I think no need to buy a cot, just a small bed will do. Probably won't buy the baby trolley, maybe we'll just buy a sling instead.

And next month my mother-in-law and my wife's cousin will be coming, still waiting for that cousin to do his passport before I buy the tickets,…

Sold All My Stocks

Today I sold everything for a small profit of $600+, not bad, I think market is going down soon, I don't believe STI can go past 3500 and stay above, furthermore the US interest rate is going to rise anytime but nobody knows for sure when, better to sell first because I don't know how much STI will go downwards once they announce the news.

Sounds like a great idea right, if STI go down, there will be cheap stocks, by then I will buy in, haha wishful thinking, see how it goes, every time I sell the market sure go up.

SIBOR Rate Rising, Time to Sell Stocks?

Recently news of SIBOR rate rising has been coming out quite often, even when I was busy I also know about it. Just last year it was 0.4%+, now it is 1%+, more than 50% increase.

Some good reads here, I think the 3rd link really gives a good idea:

Our SIBOR is closely linked to the US interest rate, so I heard they are planning to increase again, I think just late last year or early this year they increased, so our SIBOR will most likely increase together, by then people here would be cash strapped so I guess they won't put so much money into stocks, I think better to sell everything soon, maybe next week I clear my stocks and hold on to cash first.

I think those who really overstretched will be very much affected, if SIBOR goes up to 2%, their monthly payment would increase significantly, …

How Can Someone Be So Unreasonable

Just now went for a meeting with users and it took more than 3 hours, all because this one senior user simply cannot stop finding fault with me, and it's not the first time this happened, this happened quite a few times already and I'm seriously getting very fed up with him.

Last month he told me to check something for him, I did and sent him a report of my findings, he didn't bother to go through and waited until this meeting to tell me I didn't check correctly, so how come he didn't highlight to me last month, only today then he tell me not correct? And he went on and on for almost an hour, whole meeting got stuck there just because of him and we still have other stuff to go through. Finally he told me to go back and check again, repeat the cycle again, I will check and send him and he won't bother to read and during next meeting he will find fault again, got another case also like this, like that can never solve the problem, just keep going back and forth.


Yesterday Starhub Wireless Router Faulty

Yesterday the router suddenly kept disconnecting, I called Starhub support and they told me to plug directly to the ONT and it works fine, but if change back to router, problem comes again. So they told me to call Dlink suppport as they do not provide support for the router, I thought it's all under them but the router is not.

So I called 66229360 for the Dlink support, the guy guided me to do a hard reset i.e. press and hold the button on the back for 10 seconds and release and it will reset to factory settings. After doing that, he told me to monitor for 2-3 hours. I kept trying and it still keeps getting disconnected, same thing, if plug direct to the ONT it works fine. So I called back again, this time a girl told me to bring the device to their service center, they will send me an email for the instructions.

In the end there was 2 service centers, one is at Jurong, the other at Sim Lim Square. So I called up the Sim Lim Square center since it's nearer to my workplace and …

Seen Cardiologist Today

Today we confirmed for my wife to be admitted to hospital next month on the 5th for preparation for delivery. She needs to be warded two weeks before so she can be switched to Heparin, once her blood is clear of Warfarin, they can then do the C-section for her. Hopefully everything will turn out fine.

The cardiologist also said maybe after her delivery, can consider changing her mechanical heart valve, her current valve has severe stenosis i.e. narrowing so blood flow is reduced, but see how, maybe 6 months later or maybe longer, depends on her health.

Crazy Weather Back Again!

This morning there was the big hot sun, it's so hot that I think I can cook an egg on the concrete floor, and I was sweating like a pig, everybody was sweating like a pig lol. Then after lunch, it suddenly rained but good thing is the rain took away most of the heat but I think this kind of sudden weather changes can make people sick, especially the elderly and little kids, so better take good care.

Went to JCube, Westgate and JEM

Today I brought my wife to dine at The Manhattan Fish Market @ JCube, been wanting to try their dishes as it looks so yummy in the leaflet.

So I orderd the Fishy Chicky Bang Bang, my wife ordered the Curry Hill Seafood Slipper Lobster version, we also ordered a Volcano Mussels and a Oyster Roulette. For drinks I ordered a coke, my wife a chocolate milkshake. I really enjoyed the Oyster Roulette, it comes in 4 shot glass servings, each glass contains a whole piece of oyster with tangy chili sauce and a small slice of lemon, damn shiok, but it's quite expensive, 4 oysters for $7.95.
Overall the food is nice but servings are kind of small, the meal costed $66.53 including service charge and GST, not bad la, but damn noisy place and so crowded, maybe because today is a holiday.
I remember there used to be a Jurong Entertainment Park or Jurong Leisure Park, forgot the name, always have those ah bengs hanging around there. The building is gone now, I think it was a very long time ago.

Tomorrow Good Friday!

Tomorrow holiday, have already turned off the alarm on my phone, I want to sleep as late as I can without any disturbance, must catch a good rest, next week going to be busy.

So now I'm thinking where to go eat tomorrow, maybe find a good dim sum place but I bet it will be packed since tomorrow is a public holiday.