10 April 2015

How Can Someone Be So Unreasonable

Just now went for a meeting with users and it took more than 3 hours, all because this one senior user simply cannot stop finding fault with me, and it's not the first time this happened, this happened quite a few times already and I'm seriously getting very fed up with him.

Last month he told me to check something for him, I did and sent him a report of my findings, he didn't bother to go through and waited until this meeting to tell me I didn't check correctly, so how come he didn't highlight to me last month, only today then he tell me not correct? And he went on and on for almost an hour, whole meeting got stuck there just because of him and we still have other stuff to go through. Finally he told me to go back and check again, repeat the cycle again, I will check and send him and he won't bother to read and during next meeting he will find fault again, got another case also like this, like that can never solve the problem, just keep going back and forth.

I think I am a very patient person, if someone else handle him, I'm sure not many can just keep quiet and let him say whatever he wants, anyway if my team lead didn't stop me, I probably would have told him off. In future I think better not to deal with him directly, let the user representative deal with him, I seriously don't know how to handle him if he keeps on doing shit like that, bloody hell like to send me on wild goose chase.

Relax, no point getting angry with this idiot. Cool down.


Anonymous said...


You are not alone. We are bound to meet difficult people in our working and personal life. I guess the senior user may not be very IT savvy and hence can be frustrated easily when things don't go his way.

Do continue to be patient with him. Someone has to give way. If 2 cars run straight to each other, both will crash and perish.

Best Regards

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks for the advise, appreciate it.

This guy must be the most difficult to handle person I have ever encountered in my entire career.