15 April 2015

Never See Doctor Today

Today was supposed to see the gynae and pediatric cardiologist but last minute decided to cancel the appointments, also cancelled the scan at the end of this month. Reason is because since we already know my wife is going to be admitted to NUH next month to prepare for her delivery, I thought might as well do whatever scan there instead, anyway also busy at work so I try to take leave only if necessary, not like the consultation will reveal anything new. And also might as well spend the consultation and scan fees on baby stuff instead.

So this morning we went to buy baby stuff instead, last week we bought baby's shirt, mittens, booties, hat and some other stuff, today we bought the bed set for baby, I think no need to buy a cot, just a small bed will do. Probably won't buy the baby trolley, maybe we'll just buy a sling instead.

And next month my mother-in-law and my wife's cousin will be coming, still waiting for that cousin to do his passport before I buy the tickets, have to go Bangkok to bring them here lol, her mom never travel overseas before so my wife is afraid that her mom will get lost.

So seems like I will be getting busier.

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