07 April 2015

Seen Cardiologist Today

Today we confirmed for my wife to be admitted to hospital next month on the 5th for preparation for delivery. She needs to be warded two weeks before so she can be switched to Heparin, once her blood is clear of Warfarin, they can then do the C-section for her. Hopefully everything will turn out fine.

The cardiologist also said maybe after her delivery, can consider changing her mechanical heart valve, her current valve has severe stenosis i.e. narrowing so blood flow is reduced, but see how, maybe 6 months later or maybe longer, depends on her health.


SingViet said...

Sir, wishing u n yr wife good luck, everything goes smoothly n accordingly on the day of delivery... btw, my wife will arrive here on the 15th April, get prepare to apply LTVP again!!

marrythaigirlsingapore said...

Thanks man! And best of luck to you!